• Buy now, pay later. No payment, no interest, up to 3 months!

  • Buy now, pay later. No payment, no interest, up to 3 months!


Fixed architectural window

Fixed structural frame
Customizable window panels and shapes
Superior weatherproofing
Unparalleled energy efficiency
RE-39 to RE-45
ALU-PVC Fusion
RE-40 to RE-45
  • Window frame with multiple air chambers for optimal thermal insulation
  • Sealed unit (thermos) with superior sealing
  • For rounded or triangular or other shapes
  • For large glass surfaces (panoramic view)
  • For floor-to-ceiling window style
  • For a design and contemporary look at an affordable price
  • Fixed structural frame windows
  • Does open intentionally to favor the view or a shape
  • Can take a custom shape or size
  • Can be combined with patio doors and other types of opening windows to combine view, light and ventilation
  • Easy to maintain
  • 25 years on Performance white PVC profile
  • 25 years on sealed units (thermos)
  • 25 years on hardware
  • 10 years on aluminum extrusion
  • 10 years on paints
  • 1 year on parts and labor


  • Choice of technologies: Performance (All-PVC) or Hybrid (PVC+ALU)
  • Choice of high performance glazing (double or triple glass)
  • Choice of exterior trims
  • Choice of exterior trims
  • Choice of interior or exterior colors
    - In Stock: White or Black exterior
    - On order: 40 Gentek colors/Custom colors
  • Choice of options

Endless creative possibilities for you

For floor-to-ceiling windows or large glass areas of varying sizes, the architectural window is the perfect choice. Its fixed structural frame allows for longer spans, suites of curtain panels or design arrangements, and the ability to explore greater heights and widths. It can also take a variety of shapes.


Valuable options
for your windows

fenetre faux barrotin lorendo


fenetre faux carrelage 1


fenetre arrangement configuration

Choice of colors

Inspiring ideas

Get inspired

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Yes, our windows are customizable. We manufacture our windows to measure, so that they fit perfectly into the existing window openings of your home. Thanks to our manufacturing and custom paint facilities, you get to access a maximum of flexibility for your project. Your windows will be custom designed specifically for your project according to your choice of style, dimensions, color and finish.

Lorendo High Performance doors and windows are Energy Star® certified, a symbol of excellence in terms of energy efficiency in Canada. To display the Energy Star® logo, our products had to undergo a series of stringent tests and comply with federally prescribed procedures to demonstrate that the products meet or exceed Canadian energy efficiency standards. Energy Star® windows and doors save energy and help keep you comfortable all year round. In winter, they keep you warm, in summer, they keep you cool. In addition, they help reduce exterior noise. Finally, depending on the humidity level in your home, Energy Star windows should show less condensation during cold weather.

To clean around doors and windows, simply use a mild detergent a soft cloth. To clean the window glass, just use a glass cleaning products. Do not use abrasive cleaners and/or cloths or paper towels as this may damage your doors and windows PVC or aluminium finishes.

You can clean the hardware parts with a mild soap, then rinse well with water. To maintain them in good state, once in a while, be sure to apply a lubricant to the gear mechanisms to maximize their easy of operation and efficiency. Remember to remove the mosquito screens during the winter. Finally, also check the condition of the sealant joints to ensure that they perform optimally. As preventive measures, create yourself a yearly routine.

Hybrid windows combine the superior insulating power of PVC and the rigidity of aluminium. Basically, Hybrid windows are made of 100% energy-efficient PVC and capped with aluminum extrusion on the external part of the window. Hybrid windows is a better solution for exterior color durability and performance.

Yes, we have installation guides for every type of window and door. We also provide a certified installation service via trained authorized installers and contractors for the Quebec, Lévis, Montmagny and Rivière-du-Loup regions, ensuring a professional installations complying with the latest and current standards.

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We manufacture a wide selection of Energy Star® doors and windows in a variety of colors, sizes and options to meet your most demanding needs for style, performance, comfort and energy shaving.
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