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Celebrating 100-Year IN business

About us

High performance and quality
At affordable price

Since 1920, we specialize in custom manufacturing of energy-efficient doors and windows. Thanks to superior quality components and materials, leading edge equipments & processes and an experienced workforce, we offer high performance products amongst the best in their class and this, at competitive manufacturer prices.

Our manufacturing and personnalized paint facilities provide you with the level of flexibility you seek most when planning a successful renovation or a new construction project. We manufacture a wide selection of Energy Star doors and windows in a variety of colors, sizes and options to meet your most demanding requirements in terms of style, comfort, performance and energy savings.

Our mission

To serve and inspire you in your doors & Windows' Decision

Whether you are a homeowner, a home building/renovation contractor, whether it is for a home, a townhome, a unit or a condo, our mission is to provide you with innovative and inspiring solutions that can be customized according to the nature of your project. Delivering energy-efficient, durable and reliable products that will ensure long-lasting installations is our priority. And your satisfaction is just as much.

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