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Awning Window

Superior air & waterproofing
Superior energy efficiency
Solid, durable, safe
Fusion ALU-PVC
A multitude of arrangements
Contemporary & design

The awning window is making a come back in a bold new way in contemporary style homes. Incorporate awning windows into your arrangements for a functional and sophisticated effect. Plan the position of your awning windows according to the prevailing wind direction for subtle and safe ventilation. They can be positioned at the top or bottom of a window, they can also be combined with fixed windows. With the awning window, there are a multitude of possibilities to give free rein to your imagination.


Simple to open
Sash opens by tilting outwards
Facilitates ventilation without risk of intrusion
Prevents rain from entering
Easy maintenance


Multi-air chambered profile for optimal thermal insulation
Sealed unit (thermos) with superior air & waterproofness
Crank opening mechanism with retractable handle
Robust fiberglass wick insect screen
Multipoint lock resistant to break-in


Choice of window technologies
Choice of all-PVC or Hybrid
Choice of colors
Choice of exterior moldings
Choice of adding grilles/grids
Choice of high performance glazing (double or triple glass)
Choice of frames
Choice of options
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