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Casement Window

Superior air & waterproofing
Superior energy efficiency
Solid, durable, safe
Fusion of ALU-PVC
A multitude of arrangements
Contemporary & design

The casement window lends itself to many various styles of homes. Whether your home is traditional, classic or contemporary, there are plenty of ways to express your creativity with this window. Play with the latest and the trendiest proportions: one-third, two-thirds for example! Or opt for classical proportions. Maximize natural daylight in your living areas with large window panes and position the casement windows to best advantage in your configuration. Add mullions for a traditional grilled/grided look or create horizontal band strips for a geometric and dynamic effect. Reinvented, this casement window bring about brand new home styling possibilities.


Simple to open
Sash opens laterally outwards to an angle ranging to 90 degrees
Allows for easy cleaning from inside the house
Facilitates ventilation


Multi-air chambered profile for optimal thermal insulation
Sealed unit (thermos) with superior air & waterproofness
Crank opening mechanism with retractable handle
Crank opening mechanism with retractable handle
Multipoint lock resistant to break-in


Choice of window technologies
Choice of Heavy-Duty PVC or Hybrid
Choice of colors
Choice of exterior moldings
Choice of adding grilles/grids
Choice of surface mullions for a contemporary style
Choice of high performance glazing (double or triple glass)
Choice of frames
Choice of options
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