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  • Buy now, pay later. No payment, no interest, up to 3 months!


A world of possibilities

Discover how you can create beautiful steel doors and personalize according to your home style, your favorite colors, decorative glasses and accessories. Explore all the customization potential available to you for your steel doors. The possibilities are almost endless. Find out more in store. Meet with an advisor.

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Discover more fantastic details to enhance your steel doors even more. Transom and side glasses for more natural light and a prestigious look; mullions to embellish and give rhythm to the glass panels; grids (large or small) to create a classic and timeless style and fabulous door handles for the final touch!
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Discover all the possibilities to create steel doors just for your project! One: choose a plain door panel or a coffered door panel from which we can do cut-out opening(s) of the desired size. Two: choose your exterior and interior door color to match your home style. Three: choose double or triple energy-efficient glass : opt for plain, clear, sandblasted, textured or decorative glass. Four: choose a door handle and a finish from our wide selection of products. There you have it. It's easy and fun and we help you create your unique door style!

Maintenance is very minimal. Simply clean the door(s) once in a while with a mild cleaner. For the hinges, grease or silicone once a year to optimize operation.

Yes, our steel door panels are Energy Star certified. Sealed glasses are also Energy Star certified. However, It is possible that certain door panel and sealed glass mixes and matches may theoretically vary the entire door energy performance. Your advisor will be in a position to explain and advise you according to your style and performance needs. Don't worry, this shouldn't stop your wish to personalize your steel doors!

Yes. We stock a wide selection of trendy steel doors as well as a wide selection of trendy and popular glasses, stained glass and colors to ensure fast delivery. And within these selections, you can mix& match door styles, colors and glasses providing your with lots of flexibility and great service. Mention it to your advisor - online or in store.

Yes, we made a decision to supply all our steel door and patio door with stainless steel sills, and you'll be grateful for it. Especially for high traffic doors with lots of children and pets movements as well as multiple sliding and openings, steel sills are much stronger than a painted sills which can degrade over time! Steel sills are tough and a nice value-adding must.

We start with a solid door panel that goes through our computerized cutting line. The digital cutter punches the holes according to the type of handle and lock chosen and cuts the desired opening in the door panel according to the desired glass or stained glass dimensions. Then the sealed glass (thermos) and/or stained glass is positioned and secured in the cut door panel. Once the panel has been cut, it goes through the paint chamber and the drying/curing room for the hardening of the paint. Once completely dry, the door goes to assembly: the door is installed in its frame, the handle and the hinges are installed and adjusted in the factory before delivery to facilitate installation on site. And There you go! All of your doors can be customized with the color, glass and hardware of your choice! Your home will look great and so will you!

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We manufacture a wide selection of Energy Star® doors and windows in a variety of colors, sizes and options to meet your most demanding needs for style, performance, comfort and energy shaving.
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