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Solid, safe and energy-efficient, discover our wide range of steel doors and our virtually infinite customization possibilities. Contemporary, classic, country-style, eclectic or industrial chic, you are sure to find trendy steel front doors, fiberglass doors, patio doors, garden doors and garage doors to instill performance, style and character to your home. An amazing world of doors, colors and accessories awaits you for your next project!



Discover the very stylish garden doors. They bring cachet and sophistication to any house project. They combine the strength of steel doors with the practical side of patio doors. They blend as well with contemporary casement windows as with classic grided sash windows for a flawless look. They are available in “garden door” version (1 opening panel) or “French door” version (2 opening panels). You can also vary the garden door style depending on the glass type selected. Meet one of our product advisor to explore which model is best suited for your project.